Longo Vezo

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Hôtel in Anakao - Madagascar

The Longo Vezo hotel, in Anakao, southwest Madagascar, is located on a 6-hectare wide domain along a white sand beach. Get ready to spend unforgettable holidays in full nature.


At the heart of the Anakao vegetation or right alongside the beach, the 8 bungalows are at the same time simple and comfortable. The important space between them allows some independence. The bungalows are spacious, well ventilated and maintained daily by discrete, efficient and available staff…

The biggest bungalows have private toilets. The inside is very clean, equipped with mosquito nets in a perfect condition, storage space and comfortable beds.

The hotel’s lightning comes from photovoltaic panels. The solar energy guarantees a maximum comfort while respecting the environment.

At Anakao and at the Longo Vezo hotel, fresh water is delivered each day by sailing pirogue from the Saint-Augustin bay or by cart drawn by zebus from the Antet wells. It is heated thanks to the individual solar ovens. Showers are taken with buckets of water. Each customer deals with his or her quantity of water and adds to his or her bucket the solar-heated water from the ovens. The majority of our clients are happy to rediscover that water is precious and that one bucket is enough to be clean for a day.

The bungalows are equipped with terraces to enjoy calm, the view over the bay and its wonderful sunsets giving free rein to dreams and imagination.

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